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Residens of Kenward Manor by XonetruedemonX Residens of Kenward Manor by XonetruedemonX
i made some OCs for some reason. set in about 1800s-early 1900s, still not sure when.

there will be gayness. you have been warned.

Sebastian Kenward</u>
right now of only 17, Sebastian lost both of his parents and baby brother in a tragic carriage accident. he now owns the esteemed Kenward Manor, a task he was hardly prepared for before the sudden loss of his parents. his family has kept up a good name all throughout Europe for many years, and ever since inheriting it, he's been under constant worry that he would besmirch that good name. his young twin sisters are still around, however, to keep him youthful, if only long enough to play hide and seek with them.

Crevan MacAllistar</u>
once worked as a fisherman in Ireland, until he was accused of sodomy and shunned in his home town. he eventually moved to England to try and get a fresh start, but all he found there was hate for his obvious Irish heritage. he barely carved out a living in an impoverished neighborhood, inhabited mainly by poor Irishmen like himself. he met Sebastian by chance as his carriage broke a wheel in the neighborhood, and he picked the nobleman's pocket, who didn't notice until he was already long gone. through a series of events, Sebastian hired Crevan to work as a butler in his manor.

Odette Darcy
works as a maid for Sebastian. has lived in England for many years, but her large family all had come immediately from France, so their accent stuck. she and Sebastian are particularly close, sharing stories and laughs whenever their schedules permit. with Sebastian growing older and being the only lord of the manor, it becomes obvious that he should take on a wife and try to keep the family going strong, and Odette dreams of having a "prince and pauper" love story happen in real life. that wish is granted, though not quite in the way she expected.

characters and names belong to me
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November 1, 2012
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